Hynosis is a natural process experienced daily by all individuals

You live this state when you are caught in the story of a good movie or a good book.  Surely you have lost your toughts by forgetting where you where.  Maybe you drove your vehicle and on the arrival you wonder which path you took.  You were in this phase of "modified state of consciousness".

Hypnosis is a tool to modify the inner voice of the conscious who says .... "you are not able... i am scare... it is difficult".  One has only to think to the professional sportmen who are at the best of their physical form, but when the mental declines....

Each hypnosis session is actually a self-hypnosis session

It is you and only you, who decide to let yourself go in this state of relaxation.  No hypnotherapist can hypnotize you or make suggestions that go against your morals.

Hypnotherapy is a technique used as part of a brief or short therapy. It is not necessary to find the origin of a behavior.  What is important,  is your will and motivation to change it.

Through the use of hypnosis and different approaches such as visualization, positive reinforcement ... it is possible for you to achieve the goal that you set for yourself. Like any therapy, there is nothing magical about it. 

It is your desire, but above all, it is  your willingness  to change, which combined with the approach of the hypnotherapist  that will promote a change in your attitude, your behavior.