Online Hypnosis

One question that comes up straight away is how can hypnosis work from distance?

I must start by specifying that:

Hypnosis is a very natural phenomenon like dreaming. This is a phenomenon you experience every day whether it is when you are ABSORBED by reading a book, or CAUGHT in the unfolding of a movie. You experience different emotions even though your conscious, your rational mind knows full well that this is all fiction. For the same scene the observer can shout, another cry, another laugh ... quite simply because the images refer you to your own frame of reference.

The same goes for hypnosis it is you who decide to VOLUNTARILY go into this state of hypnosis or altered consciousness. This state is produced and experienced by you.

The hypnotherapist is the person who accompanies you to create the conditions that will promote access to this state. It guides you to make it easier for you to enter this state of consciousness.

By using different approaches and / or techniques, the hypnotherapist guides you so that you can do your own work and find your resources, change your perspective on a situation and find solutions that are right for you.

There is nothing magic about it and no one is taking control of your mind. You will not do something outside of your morals under hypnosis.

The clinical hypnosis that I practice is therefore a support tool in order to change a behavior for your well-being.

Remember that during a hypnosis session it is YOU and only you who voluntarily decide to access this state of consciousness.

Looking forward to guide you in your stage of change!